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Here at Comrade - web development company Chicago, we are truly passionate about creating quality products and services for our clients – but that’s not all we’re passionate about. At the end of the day, when the computer monitors go dark, we all go home to participate in our own hobbies and interests. Here are just some of our many outside passions.

Norman – Senior Web Designer

For the last couple of years, I’ve become really interested in craft beer. Before, I had always ordered the Bud Lites of the beer world. Then one day, I tried a Fat Tire and my eyes were opened. I had never heard of New Belgium Brewing Company before and, after looking into their offerings, was opened up to the world of craft beer. Since then I’ve discovered a ton of other “better” beers and breweries, large and small, that brew flavorful beers ranging anywhere from hop forward IPAs to barrel-aged stouts.

Julia – Junior Graphic Designer

I love traveling! It doesn’t matter how far. It could be 3 hours from my home or 13 or 30 – I don’t care. I love to explore new places, cities, national parks, and even local coffee spots with my husband and friends. Good vibes, good people, and new places – that’s where I’m happiest. I wish to someday travel around the world for my longest, grandest adventure yet.

Ivan – Co-Founder & CEO

My passion is playing hockey. It helps with personal development, teaching me to be calm cool and collected even when things are speeding around you (like a puck, hockey stick, or someone’s skate). The activity also helps me to clear my head. Hockey is an opportunity for me to compete and achieve personal goals outside of the office.

Chris – Account Manager

During my off hours, I like to go to flea markets and yard sales looking for video games or pop culture memorabilia. I find it really interesting to see how technology evolves so rapidly over time and how thing’s I grew up with are valued today. Sometimes, I even find old records or action figures. I also enjoy collecting VHS tapes and posters. Some people view it a “junk” but I like to think of it as pieces of the past that I get to take home and enjoy.

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