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Portfolio > VDA Capital Group
VDA Capital Group
  • Branding
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Mobile Responsiveness
About the Project

Our talented team of designers, developers and marketing professionals conducted brainstorming sessions to draft the perfect sales funnel. What emerged was a single Landing Page, divided into color-coded sections, denoting ways that users could easily check loan amounts and comparable interest fees; a “Mark vs. Jim” story to steer visitors toward effective solutions for their own unique needs, a Choose Your Loan Section, and calls to action that promoted the value of acting quickly and efficiently.

We made the page as easy-to-scroll on a smartphone as a desktop computer, sourced imagery that both told and sold the VDA story, and most importantly, helped our client achieve a remarkable increase in loan inquiries and actual transactions generated.

VDA Capital Group Homepage
Comrade Web did an amazing job with turning my old and clunky website into modern looking Landing page. With this new facelift I'm hopping to position my company as a cutting-edge boutique consulting shop.
Ilia Prikaztchikov, VDA Capital Group
VDA Capital Group Image
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