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Green Traveler
  • Web Design / Development
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Strategy Development
About the Project
  • Consult client on best practices for successful kickstarter campaigns.
  • Write a killer press release that would be understandable, compelling, and worthy of re-promotion across multiple networks; then distribute it to 250+ well-researched websites / platforms using a combination of manual and automatic tools.
  • Design ads with click-bait that encourage monetary contributions to client’s Kickstarter crowdfunding page.
  • With no second chance available through A/B testing, we launched paid ads campaigns on several cherry-picked social media platforms.
Project Goals
  • Promote the new GreenTraveler brand as a “rising star” in the environmentally-friendly, engineered product industry by featuring its leading-edge, ultimate leak-free, reusable, compartmentalized, to-go food and beverage container.
  • Raise $20,000 by driving a large volume of qualified traffic to a limited-time Kickstarter campaign (short 45 day period) with a severely limited budget (under $1500).
  • Publication on 100+ Top IT websites focused on startups and innovative new platforms.
  • $115,000+ USD raised (nearly 6x more than client’s goal).


Marketing Results
  • Goal: $20,000
  • Backers: 1,700+
  • Total Pledged: $115,000 +
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Facebook Ads
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As Seen On
Green Traveler As Seen On
These guys do very good work. Perhaps sometimes overextend themselves but they can do it and they have integrity. Very great job!
James Robinson
It's not about simply being online but evolving your brand in the digital world
We are excited to partner with professionals who have bold visions and uncompromising desire for success.