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Portfolio > Gas Technology Institute
Gas Technology Institute
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Mobile Responsiveness
About the Project

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is the leading research, development and training organization addressing energy and environmental challenges to enable a secure, abundant, and affordable energy future. By developing technology-based solutions for industry, government, and consumers, GTI has delivered measurable economic value to the natural gas industry and energy markets for decades.

To honor GTI’s contributions and celebrate 75 years of critical research initiatives, products, licenses, and patented technologies, CWA was hired to craft a one-of-a-kind, visually stunning, interactive timeline.

CWA worked closely with our client’s team to hand-select critical milestones for a highly-engaging, site visitor directed long-page, scroll approach which maximizes usability on smartphones and other mobile devices. We created GTI’s decade-by-decade Timeline in a tight timeframe to coincide with their annual organization-wide event.

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