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Updated: August 29, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Strategies that Get You the Best Results

Did you know that 49% of businesses do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy? That means one in every two enterprises runs the risk of falling behind because they have not spent enough time marketing their business to receive reliable results.

Why is It Essential to Have the Right Digital Marketing Strategy?

The plan you create today helps you:

  • Identify your ideal customers for your business
  • Recognize your competitors
  • Find content that interests them
  • Discover how they can use your services

The plan you use guides you to the best strategies for your digital marketing efforts. That is why below we give you a broad overview of different digital marketing strategies you can use to get the best results for your business.

Different Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Get the Best Results

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You probably heard how crucial it is to rank first on Google. What experts often do not discuss are the money keywords you should rank in for your site.

For example, plumbers who rank first for “electrical services” wasted the traffic. However, a phrase like “plumbers near me” could be a gold mine for their business.

google search near me

#2. Pay-Per-Click

Think of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad like paying for a first-class ticket. Sure, search engine optimization gets you to your destination eventually. The economy seats (SEO) on short domestic flights are too small (not enough traffic), and the airline pretzels do not fill you up (not enough leads).

However, PPC ads provide qualified traffic your small business needs to succeed faster.

PPC digital marketing strategy

#3. Reputation Management

Your reputation is one of the most significant determinants of success online. Review sites like Yelp, Google Local, and Angie’s List have a considerable influence on whether prospective customers will work with you.

Companies should also show other trust factors like testimonials, case studies, and social media followings to give customers additional reasons to work together.

Your customers want to trust you. Your reputation helps them realize they can believe you. Show the best public persona you can with our reputation management services.

Comrade Google Local Listing

#4. Social Media

Did you know that half of social media marketers reported a profit after two years? Close to 3 Billion people now use social media to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and peers.

The challenge is not whether your market is on social media. The problem is how to find them amidst all the distractions. You need to craft the right message to ensure you succeed. We help you craft the right message to connect with your target audience on social media.

facebook social media

#5. Inbound Marketing

Tired of continually searching for new business? Want them to come to you? If you said yes to both these questions, then you want to use inbound marketing.

Instead of interrupting prospects with calls at dinner or through intrusive text messages, customers reach out to you through your inbound lead generation. Let us help you set up the system to connect with these prospects and automate the process.

inbound marketing

Bonus: Content Marketing

Your content is an ambassador for your business. When you are sleeping at 2 AM in the morning, it diligently talks up your business to late-night dwellers who need your services.

Establish yourself as an authority in your field and create more content to work for you while you focus on closing the deals that come in through your content marketing efforts.

From blog posts to social media updates to videos to podcasts, we can help you create the content marketing plan you need for your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some great strategies to help you master your digital marketing, it is time to create a plan that works for your business. If you have any questions about digital marketing strategy development services, please schedule a free consultation with us by filling out the form below.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

If you would like to discuss your project, reach out to our specialists.

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