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Updated: November 09, 2021

Top 5 PPC Mistakes Lawyers Make

What Are the most common PPC Mistakes Attorneys Make?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is an effective tool for lawyers to drive traffic to their firm’s website as advertisers only pay when then the ad is clicked. PPC generates leads from top-tier search engines and is a common digital marketing tactic for the following reasons: 

<span style=Attract more leads to your law firm“>
Attract more leads to your law firm

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Low Entry Barrier 

Not only is PPC easy to set up, but it also allows law firms to set the maximum budget for their ads. They only pay when users click on their ads, no matter how many users see them. Additionally, PPC offers greater flexibility as firms can increase their spending when a particular ad does well.  

Measurable Metrics 

Everything about PPC is measurable, from your marketing spend to the number of clicks on your advertisements. This enables effective testing and efficient spending on all your campaigns. It also enables you to understand your clients’ online behavior regarding what appeals to them and what they are searching for. 

Complete Control

You control the budget, the type of advert and set its metrics to reach the right target audience. Increased control enables accurate testing and marketing spend, as well as peace of mind, knowing where every dollar goes.

However, there are basic attorney PPC issues that ruin promising campaigns due to the incorrect usage of this valuable advertising tool. Let’s take a look at lawyers’ PPC mistakes and how to fix them.

Using Ineffective Keywords

Lawyer PPC mistakes

When it comes to PPC for law firms, it’s important to realize that the most expensive keywords don’t always perform the best. Audits should be done on keywords older than six months so underperforming ones can be updated and negative keywords can be implemented.

Sometimes you have the right keywords, yet they appear in incorrect searches. For example, you might have “criminal lawyer,” but your ads appear in searches related to “famous criminal lawyers.” To eliminate this, you can add words like “famous” as a negative keyword to your ad group. This alerts Google to not show your ad in any search that has “famous.” 

Neglecting Your Attorney PPC Campaigns

Common attorney PPC mistakes include not monitoring PPC campaigns daily. PPC should be constantly tweaked to improve performance, so it’s best to check frequently and adjust accordingly. This applies to poor and well-performing campaigns to prevent over or underspending.

Another Attorney PPC problem that results in poor campaign performance is the lack of striking visuals. Clients are first drawn to powerful visuals before reading the text, especially if you are creating image ads.

Disregarding Huge Media Platforms for Lawyer PPC Campaigns

85% of internet users in the United States watch online video content. If you’re struggling to convert leads, know that video increases conversion by 80%. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer a myriad of online marketing possibilities.

It’s advisable to run campaigns on multiple platforms to increase audience reach and test which PPC campaigns work best on each one. Despite fierce competition on massive media platforms, PPC campaigns can still be effective if targeted correctly. 

Using Irrelevant Landing Pages

Ensure your landing page is optimized for conversions. There’s nothing worse than a warm lead clicking on a landing page that doesn’t provide the information they are searching for.  All landing pages should have a clear CTA and creative and useful content related to the service provided by the lawyers. PPC problems can be exacerbated if search engines penalize your landing pages because their content is irrelevant to your ad. 

Furthermore, instead of sending all your leads to one page, it’s better to create multiple landing pages that appeal to different target markets. These landing pages should direct clients to relevant sections on your website. Research shows that websites with over 40 landing pages increase leads by 500%

Forgetting About Targeting

For many lawyers, their locality is key. The same principle should be applied to PPC campaigns. You should only be targeting clients within your service area.  There’s no use in displaying PPC ads in California if you’re based in Chicago. When you use geo-targeting,  you target ads to users in specific geographic locations. This feature allows you to target according to zip code, city, country, status, and radius. 

Targeting isn’t just relegated to the physical location. It also applies to all stages of digital marketing. Your copy and landing pages shouldn’t be written with a one-size-fits-all approach, especially for firms that offer various services from different lawyers. PPC issues like these can be easily resolved with a comprehensive and detailed marketing approach. 

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Website traffic brought through PPC advertising results in 50% more conversions than organic advertising. When executed properly, PPC can significantly increase your client base. We know that running a law firm is a busy preoccupation; that’s why we specialize in PPC for law firms. Let Catapult Revenue take care of your digital marketing so that you can focus on your clients. Click here to find out how we can help you perfect your PPC campaigns. 

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