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Updated: December 01, 2021

Is PPC Worth It for Attorneys if Costs Are High?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites where an advertiser only pays a publisher like Google, Bing, Amazon, or social media platforms when the advertisement is clicked. PPC campaigns for lawyers can be extraordinarily effective when run correctly. 

There are many PPC advantages for law firms, namely that it can help them stand out and achieve instant results in a competitive online market. While effective marketing strategies incorporate organic traffic and paid ads, the former generally takes more time to gain traction, where PPC trumps.

In fact, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic website visitors. PPC is worth it, despite the costs. Let’s weigh up its pros and cons to find out why. 

PPC Advantages for Law Firms

PPC can yield many benefits for advantages for law firms, such as described below: 

<span style=Attract more leads to your law firm“>
Attract more leads to your law firm

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Targeted Marketing

With traditional advertising in newspapers and magazines, companies pay for a general targeted audience to view their advertisement. Targeted marketing involves breaking a market into segments and concentrating marketing efforts to encourage users within those segments further down the buyers’ funnel. 

One of the biggest PPC advantages for lawyers is the integration of search engine optimization (SEO), enabling law firms to use specific keywords that their ideal target market searches for. This makes the promotion, pricing, and distribution of your services cost-effective because your advert will only appear to those searching for your legal services. 

High Flexibility

The ecosystem of digital marketing is such that there is a symbiotic relationship between search engines and users. PPC campaigns are designed to appeal to specific users based on their online habits. Search engine algorithms cater to their behavior; however, the two can change as new trends and technology emerge.

The good news is you can tweak the PPC campaign immediately to adjust to clients’ changing needs. PPC advertising allows marketers to implement swift and decisive changes to stop wasteful spending on campaigns that aren’t working or to leverage initial signs of success which are significant PPC advantages for attorneys. Nothing is set in stone, so poor keywords can be replaced with better ones to work more effectively on target audiences. 

A Lot of Data

In the age of data-backed decisions, PPC offers an abundance of information to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI. When it comes to impressions, clicks, and conversions, the data gathered from PPC advertising analytics can provide insightful direction on how to reach digital marketing KPIs. 

For instance, A/B testing allows advertisers to experiment with two or more variants of a landing page to determine which one has more conversions. This may entail using marginally altered keywords and images or posting at a different time of day, for example. With PPC campaigns, law firms receive constant feedback and continuously refine their ads until they reach peak performance.

Disadvantages of PPC for Attorneys

Naturally, there are cons, but PPC disadvantages for law firms tend to be minor in comparison. 

Competition is High

There’s no escaping that the internet is a competitive place where everyone is vying for the top keywords and to rank first on Google search engine results (SERPs). Popular keywords increase in price every month, and if a company’s bidding is too low, its ad may fall from its page one ranking,

Constantly evaluating ad spend and performance helps determine the most effective keywords to use. The digital landscape is competitive for everyone but with help from an agile and responsive marketing team, and you can mitigate these common challenges. 

High Time Investment

74% of small businesses with more than 50 employees use PPC advertising. While PPC can help smaller firms compete for traffic with larger firms, it does require a hands-on approach. Google recommends reviewing PPC campaigns at least every 30 to 60 days for them to grow and thrive – and that’s just the beginning. 

Once data has been gathered and analyzed, changes need to be implemented, which can be a nitty-gritty process, especially for A/B testing and landing page optimization. These PPC disadvantages for lawyers have less to do with the process and more time required to carry them out, especially as lawyers generally have busy schedules.

Costs Can Add Up

PPC disadvantages for attorneys have to do with time and money, both of which matter to businesses. To achieve the best results, PPC campaigns can’t just be set up and left unattended. Optimum performance requires a dedicated professional to oversee the process and implement changes as campaigns evolve. 

The cost of PPC depends on its Google placement, and the price tag is dependent on the bid, website quality score, keyword seasonality, and level of competition. While the average cost of pay-per-click is $2.69, ranking well for common keywords with “attorney” can cost as much as $42.51. 

Why High Costs Don’t Really Matter for Lawyer PPC

Like hairdressers and barbers, the services that lawyers provide will always be needed by individuals and companies. Even though PPC can be expensive, the cost per acquisition (CPA) is lower than the total possible revenue a firm can make. 

Law firms provide a specialized service, and most individuals will have to Google to find an appropriate one to help them. Essentially, if your PPC campaigns are optimized, they will more than likely bring in new clients whose spending will outweigh initial advertising costs.

Does your law firm have a plan for growth in 2022?
Does your law firm have a plan for growth in 2022?

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Sure there are PPC disadvantages for lawyers, but the truth is that the advantages are far greater if handed over to the digital marketing experts. Comrade Web is a full-service digital agency specializing in PPC. We help law firms expand their client base through effective PPC marketing, so they can focus on doing their work. Click here for a free consultation to learn how we can help you increase your revenue.  

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