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Updated: April 06, 2020

Law Firm SEO: What Attorneys Should Know About SEO in 2019

If you’re an attorney who wants to consistently get more clients, but aren’t sure how to go about it, you’re in the right place. Despite the fact that attorneys are extremely inquisitive, when it comes to SEO, they give up. Many of our current clients have come to us completely bewildered: they have paid a digital marketing agency to do SEO for law firms and yet have seen zero results and, for the most part, continue to “survive” on referrals and to spend thousands on PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic.

The good news? By the end of this post you’ll have a pretty good grasp of what SEO is, how it should be done in 2019, how it should NOT be done, and how to be absolutely certain that it hasn’t been done right.

Marketing for law firms: What is SEO

Any and all type of work that enhances your website’s visibility on any and all search engines, excluding paid advertising, is called Search Engine Optimization. Since Google gets nearly 93% of all search traffic, Comrade, as well as most digital marketing agencies in USA that offer marketing for law firms, focus on optimizing your website for Google.

Marketing for law firms: What is SEO

However, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines tend to use very similar algorithms, so what you’re doing for Google usually works for them too.

Why you need SEO

Most of your potential clients’ search for a law firm begins online. What do they do? They type in a question in Google and go through the first 5 organic results. Why the first 5 and not the first 3 or the first 6? No one can say, but the reality is this: the top 5 organic results that come up on any search query get 65% of all clicks.

Why you need SEO

Notice we say the top 5 organic results. The paid ads usually get about 5-10% of the clicks that the organic results get. So if 100 people click on the first 5 organic Google results, only 5-10 will click on the ads.

SEO for Lawyers: 6 things to know

So, you’d love to get those clicks? No problem, all you have to do is increase the authority of your website on a certain subject. Here’s how that happens:

  1. You get authority when your website has more (or as much) and better-quality content on a particular subject. For example: for a family law firm, having a larger number of pages each addressing specific question related to custody-related issues more in-depth than others do, will lead to gaining authority on the matter.
  2. You get authority when you get clicks. If your website comes up on a query, but people don’t click on it, this means they don’t feel like they’ll find the answer of their question on your page. The more times that happens, the lower your authority on the subject. You need to make sure not only that your website is visible, but that it gets clicks.
  3. You get authority when people spend a lot of time on your website. If they read your article, open multiple pages on your website and seem to “dwell” on it (that’s why it’s also called “dwell time”), your authority goes up.
  4. Bounce rate. If people leave your page immediately after landing on it, your authority level plummets.
  5. The authority you have with others. How many websites link to your website as a source of information? Do these websites have authority? If your competitor’s website is featured on 20 directories, speciality legal directories and other platforms, and yours is featured on 100, your website is more likely to get higher Google rankings. Positive reviews also play a huge role here.
  6. Your website’s authority drops when Google penalizes you. You could get penalties for various reasons: how quickly your website loads, whether your website is secure, whether the pages are optimized for mobile devices and more. Overall, there are hundreds of factors in Google’s algorithms that can boost or destroy authority. It sounds like a difficult thing to do on your own, doesn’t it? Well, it is…

SEO for Lawyers: 6 things to know

To get the results you’re looking to get with SEO, we highly recommend that you hire an expert agency that provides SEO services for lawyers. At an agency, you usually get 8-12 people working on various SEO areas: technical optimization of your website, creating listings, researching and creating relevant content for law firms and more.

Contact us today if you are not getting the number of clients you want through your website.

Red Flags

To us, as marketers, it’s obvious which marketing companies offer high quality SEO for attorneys. It’s also obvious which ones are trying to win clients over with low price and usually generate minuscule (if any) return on investment.

Here are a few signs that you’re dealing with the second kind:

  1. Six months in, you still get most of your leads from PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic. There’s a lot to be said in the SEO vs PPC discussion, and there are times when paid advertising is exactly what you need, but it should not be your main source of leads in the long run.
  2. Your agency creates content on demand. You have an interesting case study, you call them, they write it up. That’s not going to work. A good agency actively seeks frequently asked questions that relate to your industry and creates pages specifically designed to answer those questions.
  3. The quote you get for their service is much lower than that of a marketing agency with proven expertise in SEO.
  4. You don’t get a definitive, easy-to-understand answer on your question “What do your SEO services include?” Here’s where you can go through all the questions you should ask an agency that offers marketing for law firms before you hire them.

And then there’s…

The #1 Sign Your SEO Agency Sucks

If you’ve been wondering whether to change marketing agencies, here’s the one and only sign that you should:

You’ve given them 6 months and you don’t see a huge bump in your revenue.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Now that you have a better understanding about what SEO is and how it works to get you clients, we hope you use this knowledge to find and invest in the right SEO service and finally see the results you want.

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