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Updated: June 25, 2021

5 Things People Want to Know When Looking at a Senior Living Facility’s Website

Making a decision about entrusting your loved one to someone else's care is one of the most difficult decisions that people can make. They must do detailed research on senior living facilities before finalizing the decision. When you are marketing your facility, there are various things that families will want to see. Here is some of the information that can be provided to make families' research easier.

Physical Information

Many nursing homes do not pay as much attention as they should to the information that is contained on their website. In fact, some nursing homes do not even have websites. Your site should give all pertinent information about your facility, including where it is located so families can find you to visit. Your facility name, listed in close proximity to frequently searched topics, will help it better show up in Google searches. People will also want to know that the facility can be easily reached, and you will want to show evidence that you are responsive.

Staff on Hand

The quality of the senior living staff is a major determinant of the type of care that resident will receive. They will want to know what qualifications for senior care that the staff has. In addition, families will also want to make sure that your facility has enough staff since understaffing is a chronic issue plaguing nursing homes and assisted living facilities. While medical assistants are generally in medical offices, clinics, surgical centers, or hospitals, senior living centers are also somewhere that they can be beneficial. They can help make sure that seniors have the necessary help in their activities of daily life.


Families will want to know that their loved ones will be stimulated and kept busy. Many people have nightmares of their family member being left unattended all day in a wheelchair. Your senior living facility should show that residents will be entertained with frequent and creative activities. These activities are a large part of the quality of life for people who are not as active as they were in the past. Families equate stimulating activities with happiness, so you want to showcase everything there is to do at your facility.

Medical Care

It is a fact of life that seniors need more attentive and frequent medical care. Unfortunately, that is sometimes lacking at a senior living facility. Advanced on-site medical care can help to prevent some instances of hospitalization. For obvious reasons, families do not want their loved ones in a hospital. You will also want to explain your facility’s approach to medical care since that is one of the primary ways that a senior living facility can improve the lives of the residents.

Personal Care

Families cannot bear the thought of their loved one languishing while receiving impersonal care. Your website should show anecdotal evidence, or illustrate stories to demonstrate that the staff in the facility cares for the residents. In other words, you will want to show a personal touch. It is this degree of personal care that gives families the confidence to know that their loved ones will be well-cared-for and happy as much as possible. Try to showcase examples where your staff is genuinely relating to the needs of the residents and making them feel good. It will be the staff that makes or breaks each resident’s experience and you should make every effort to show them doing what they do best.

Your facility’s website can showcase your business to the point where people will want to take a further look into your facility as a place to care for their loved ones.

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