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Ivan Vislavskiy

Co-Founder & CEO
  • Plays hockey in the beer league
  • Huge Blackhawks fan
  • Favorite movie: "Gladiator"
  • Plays more hockey

Stan Bogdashin

Co-Founder & Marketing Director
  • Sold his car in 2013. Now walking and riding bicycle
  • Sometimes working on SEO projects from Tibet
  • Enjoys Trip-hop and shaman-wave
  • Taking a shower with the lights off

Marcin Dabrowski

Account Manager
  • Interested in the future of Stock Photography as an art form
  • Practice Sleep Research and CRV to help solve technical problems
  • The embodied honeymoon of earnest intensity and a prude definite optimism
  • A fan of both Exaggerated and Modular Timeline as design patterns.

Dragos Alexa

Senior Brand Strategist
  • Wrote 3 books on Marketing and Branding for students and early entrepreneurs
  • Adores good sushi
  • He hates to admit that he still likes Boyzone type of music
  • He's going to beat you with an ashtray at table tennis

Eric Sporinsky

  • A self-identified technology nerd
  • Likes to think he is good at poker
  • A loud and proud Chelsea FC supporter
  • Valar Morghulis

Julia Latkina

Junior Graphic Designer
  • Has a degree in Graphic and Interior design
  • Love travel and movies with happy end
  • I believe that dreams come true and enjoying my life
  • Passionate calligraphy lover but just learning
  • In love with cats but only sphynx

Kiryl Bulakh

Project Manager
  • An orphan of the Internet
  • A quality lover
  • A code igniter
  • A music maker
  • A foosball forward

Reed Scott Adler

Senior Account Executive
  • Degree in Graphic Design
  • The most serious guy in this tribe
  • Likes Prince, Rock, Classical and Blues
  • Claims kayaking and sketching/drawing to be his major hobbies

Alex Riemann

Business Development
  • Degree in Business Linguistics
  • Music preferences - French chanson
  • Beer gourmet
  • Fluent in German

Jonathan Carstensen

Account Manager
  • Prefers Electronic, 90's alternative and Classic Rock
  • Obsessed with anything Sci-Fi related
  • Wordpress Enthusiast
  • Android obsessed
  • Disassembles electronics for kicks
  • Loves Basketball

Art Kalina

Marketing Manager
  • Obsessed with Google
  • Enjoys off-roading on the weekend
  • Thinks SEO is an artform (no pun intended)
  • Loves dolphins and skydiving (separately)

Brian Mitchell

Senior Executive of Projects
  • Economics major
  • Always hunting for the best coffee shop in Chicago
  • Runner
  • Avid sports fan (of Washington D.C.)

Yana Kirichkova

Assistant Marketing Manager
  • Degree in Cinema Art & Science
  • Conscious consumerism advocate
  • Starts her day with yoga and finishes with ecstatic dancing
  • Fan of cooking exotic vegetarian dishes
  • Nature and animal lover

Norman Morejon

Senior Web Designer
  • Has a degree in Graphic Design
  • Diehard Miami Heat fan
  • Loves a good cheeseburger
  • Enjoys listening to techno while working

Jey Rivera

Project Manager
  • Degree in Design & Computer Science
  • Likes: Development, Learning, Running, Gaming, Swimming, not necessarily in that order
  • Favorite Hobby: Relaxing with a beer

Peter Kubantsev

Marketing Project Manager
  • Chemical engineering degree, never used it.
  • Former part of a global IT startup
  • Cats are the best animals
  • In serious relationship with Kundalini Yoga.

Claire Crossgrove

Junior Account Manager
  • Degree in Marketing & Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Minored in Psychology
  • Extremely passionate about learning
  • Loves to go on adventures and gain new perspectives
  • Being outside and breathing in fresh air is her idea of the perfect escape

Madeline “Maddy” Campbell

  • Has a dual degree in advertising and theatre
  • Once had a drill bit go through her hand
  • Recently ran her first half marathon
  • Is secretly a Disney princess
  • Describes her aesthetic as “Classy surprise”
Ivan Vislavskiy Reed Scott Adler Stan Bogdashin Yana Kirichkova Marcin Dabrowski

We are the COMRADES

Comrade Web Agency (a Chicago Web Agency) was established in 2007; and is comprised of a dedicated group of people, who share views together about the future of web technologies. Our driving passion is to design a world in which we want to live! We are a company of designers, developers, brand specialists, technology geeks and dreamers. We are here to revolutionize your view of design, IT and the world in general by making colors brighter, emotions deeper and outlook extended.

Comrade /'kamræd/ - 1590s, "one who shares the same room," from Middle French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada "chamber mate".


Peter Kubantsev Kiryl Bulakh Jonathan Carstensen Norman Morejon Julia Latkina Madeline Campbell Dragos Alexa Alex Riemann